Born October 9th, 1981 near Santa Cruz, California and beginning a soulful journey through the sounds of Motown, Robert Meade has lived on the East coast (NYC) and the North West. He began writing and recording his original material at the age of 16 and singing tunes for as long as he can remember. His voice has amazing character. With diversity, dynamics and range; he has total control over pitch and tone. Whether he's singing a ballad or rocker, his vocals are natural, passion-filled and charismatic. 

    Robert Meade has been entertaining all types of crowds in all types of venues from concert halls to cafes, pubs to dance clubs and festivals to fine-dining restaurants. Meade has been building a vast array of material with unique, ever-changing sounds since 2000. For the past five years, he's been cultivating a strong stage presence at the SXSW Festival and most recently, entertaining patrons at the Sundance Film Festival since 2012. 

   His original material includes: up-beat rhythm & blues, rock n' roll, ballad standards, Americana and classic country music. He has shared eight discs with his listeners in a span of 13 years and is putting together a collection of new material, scheduled for release during his tour with the Nashville Trio in July, 2014 and 2015.

  Of the music, Meade notes, “Like every human experience, I am on a journey of ebbs and flows as a songwriter. I want to portray those emotions through lyrics and melody as honestly as I can. The process has been very therapeutic."       

“Meade channels some of indie rock’s greatest souls in his raw, vulnerable lyricism and playing … deftly and soulfully done.” – The Monterey County Weekly     

“A completely danceable fusion of guitar-led rock, pop, and blue-eyed soul.” – Eugene Weekly